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Inconsolata, monospace bliss.

One of the programming social media sites I browse (either Reddit or Dzone, I can’t remember), had a link to a new font called Inconsolata. I haven’t switched programming fonts in quite a while, after dumping ProFont for Monaco again some months ago, but I’m giving this new font a try. I have to say, it feels really nice.


5 Responses to “Inconsolata, monospace bliss.”

  1. Pei Mei Says:

    I like the font as well. I had been using Andale Mono, but now I am giving this one a whirl.

  2. Ryan S Says:

    One thing I don't like about Inconsolata is that it is difficult to tell the difference between O & 0 (the capital letter and the number zero), as well as l, I, and 1 (lower case L, uppercase i, and the number one). Perhaps "difficult" is too strong a word, but for coding, I prefer a font that is really in-your-face about those characters. However, what I DO like about Inconsolata is that it's open source. I downloaded a font-editing tool called Font Forge and modified the offending glyphs to my liking, and now I'm in programmer heaven.

  3. Olle Jonsson Says:

    +1 Andale Mono refugee here. Thanks for the tip.

  4. litemininyuszika Says:

    It is very easy to tell the difference between O and 0; l, I and 1. Maybe you're using an older version.

  5. sohesado Says:

    Realy? , the 0 (zero) is slashed. How you can't distinguish it?

    Anyways i spend the last 6-7 hours searching/testing various fonts for programming purposes. I taste ProFont AnonymousPro ProggyClean (and the variations) etc

    I settled (at least for now) to Inconsolata. The only thing that i didn't liked about Incosolata is that it needs anti-aliasing to look fine and it is kind of Windowsish.

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